This is an example blog post. For those of you who are unsure of what blogs are, they are simply an online ‘article’ which allows you to keep your visitors/customers updated with any news, updates or knowledge that you want to pass on. It’s the equivalent of having your own online magazine, in essence.

We cannot stress enough how valuable blogs are to help you rank in search engines (Google, Yahoo etc) – so be sure to try and write a blog per week. These can be about anything you want, however the best blogs are advice-based. It’s very likely you take the knowledge and expertise in your brain for granted. There are literally billions of people daily searching the internet for snippets of information that you may possess…so what good is that information in your brain when it could be written into a blog post for others to find!

“But why give my knowledge away for free?” we hear you cry! Well here’s how it works. Joe Bloggs (I would like to quickly add the use of a person who’s name ends in ‘bloggs’ is no accident here!) is in desperate need of some information, he quickly browses the internet and finds your blog post sat there in Google and he clicks the link. Immediately this is great since you just had a click to your website that you otherwise wouldn’t of had. They then read the content in the blog and are happy they have now found out the information they required…but wait a second what’s this? Your website has a lot of other content on there…like your services! Joe Bloggs  then clicks through the rest of your site and realises not only has he just got the information he so badly needed, he’s just found a company that does the service he needed as well! Perfect!

So by simply writing a blog, you increase your chances of (a) gaining extra traffic to your site and (b) getting that visitor to click through your website after reading the blog and then use your service. It’s a win/win for the sake of taking a bit of time out of your day to write down some knowledge into a blog post.

Then there’s just two main guidelines to follow when writing a blog that we would always suggest:

  1. Use a ‘Feature Image’ just to make the blog post look a bit ‘busier’ and easier on the eye
  2. Ensure you write around 1000 words as this is a nice amount to ensure search engines see there is enough content to rank your blog

Apart from that you’re all good to take it from there! Have fun blogging!